Demonstration calls for more funding for Utica schools

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Parents, teachers, lawmakers and students made their voices heard Tuesday at the State Office Building in Utica with a rally demanding the Utica City School District gets its fair share of funding.

The demonstration was organized by the Alliance for Quality Education.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi was one of the stronger voices. A day after saying the Gap Elimination Adjustment should be thrown out, Brindisi explained that the district is growing without any extra money from the state.

According to Brindisi, 900 refugees have joined the district in the past three years, and money should go to the neediest districts. Utica and a few others in the Mohawk Valley would be part of that category. Utica is proposing 94 job cuts, 51 of them teachers.

"Change doesn't happen overnight, but we need change now, and we need folks to step up," Brindisi said.

The assemblyman went on to say there are people around the state who don't agree the district is broke. He says those are people who live in wealthy districts that have a property tax base to fall back on.

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