Deputy Kurt B. Wyman honored two years later


An emotional ceremony started a day of remembrance at the Deputy Kurt B. Wyman Law Enforcement Building in Oriskany Friday morning, on the 2nd anniversary of the death of the man the building is named after, Deputy Kurt B. Wyman.

Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol called the ceremony moving, "From the get go this morning, walking into the Kurt B. Wyman law enforcement building and seeing all the members there, obviously feeling sad, but at the same time, today is a special day because we want to remember Kurt and we will always remember Kurt and the sacrifice that he made."

Wyman was killed during a standoff in Augusta on June 7th, 2011.

Maciol says tributes like this are just a small way to pay respect to Wyman and his family, "It's our obligation to ensure that this community never forgets Kurt B. Wyman and the sacrifices he made that day."

After the remembrance ceremony at the Sheriff's building in Oriskany, many of the same people there traveled to Waterville for a second ceremony.

That's where a maple tree was planted outside of Waterville Jr. Sr. High School in his honor.

The planting was the idea of Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara, who attended Waterville High School along with Kurt Wyman's mother, Lynnette.

McNamara addressed the crowd outside the school, "Most importantly I would like to take this moment to thank Lynnette and Brian. Thank you for your son, thank you for what you gave our community, and thank you for the way you raised him."

A plaque will be placed in front of the tree in the coming weeks.

McNamara read what the inscription will say, "This tree was planted in memory of Deputy Kurt B. Wyman in the sacrifice he made for our community on June 7th 2011. May this tree grow and flourish with Kurt's spirit of service to community and country as it watches over our school and all of those who attend."

Afterward, Kurt's parents, Lynnette and Brian spoke to News Channel 2.

Brian Wyman called these last two years a journey, a very difficult journey, "Even the 2nd year is different than the first year. The first year there was a so much going on, it was almost a little surreal, the second year was actually tougher than the first year, because everything kind of settled into place and you have to start living your life like you used to."

Lynnette Wyman said this day is obviously very difficult for her and her husband, "This morning I said to him, do we really have to go through today? Kind of would just like to sleep through it, not have to think, not feel those emotions, but that's part of it, part of remembering, and choosing to focus on the good memories instead of the pain of having lost him."

Finally, we also spoke with Lauren Wyman, Kurt's widow.

Lauren said June 7th is difficult, but for her June 6th is even harder, "Honestly, yesterday was a lot more difficult than today, because the last time I saw Kurt was when he left for work on the 6th. And June 6th was also an important date for us, because...we eloped and when he came back from his deployment, we had a big family wedding and a party and June 6th was the day that that happened, and so that was four years ago yesterday."

She added, "six years ago yesterday we were just dating, four years ago yesterday we were married, and two years ago yesterday was the last time I got to hear his voice and see him so it really hit me more yesterday."

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