Deputy shot during bank robbery chase to take stand


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - More police officers on the stand Thursday in the attempted murder and robbery trial of Brian Brown. He's accused of robbing Bank of America in east Utica in May and NBT Bank in Rome in July. Brown is also charged with shooting and Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy following the NBT robbery.

Jurors late Wednesday and early Thursday saw a videotaped confession during which a Sheriff's Investigator interviews Brown and Brown openly discusses details of both bank robberies and the shooting of Deputy Michael Burger. Brown says he shot the gun not to hit the deputy, but just so he could get away from him. Deputy Burger suffered what his superiors have described as a potentially career-threatening ankle injury.

Under cross examination by Brown's defense attorney, Investigator Ferguson acknowledges lying to suspects in order to get them to admit crimes. The defense didn't question this tactic further.

On the stand early Thursday afternoon, tellers who were working at Bank of America when it was robbed back in May. Deputy Burger could take the stand later in the day.

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