Design Development Workshop held for Genesee Street Revitalization

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The city of Utica is looking to residents to help shape the future of Genesee Street. A Design Development Workshop was held Tuesday night at Hotel Utica ran by Cornell students. As part of the Rust to Green Initiative," the students are researching other options for the Genesee Street revitalization and holding meetings to get feedback from residents.

Organizers say they're looking at the project with a more holistic approach.

"The process of how you ask questions and explore operations and who's at the table throughout that process has direct bearing on what your outcomes are," said Paula Horrigan Associate Professor at Cornell. "So if you have more expertise, more knowledge, you have collaborative partners, physical environment, economics, creative arts, programming, developing a solution you're apt to get a solution in end that has all components in it."

The city says they will take all of the group's suggestions into account in implementing their plan. There is no date yet on when any construction will begin.

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