Despite economy, companies are hiring


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - 50 companies filled Utica College's Library Concourse Wednesday for a job fair. Even with the economy down, the companies proving that many are still looking to hire.

"We are expanding, we have 324 stores in Upstate New York and Vermont and we are looking to move West so we are looking to expand in the right locations and the right people to help us grow," said Sean Land District Manager of Stewart's Ice Cream.

From full time to part-time jobs, even internships, the many positions companies are offering, pleasing the student or professional applicants hopeful to get a job.

"I can say I'm a little nervous about how much I think I'm worth compared to how much they think I'm worth, especially with the economy," said Dennis Leo Labossiere, a Senior at Utica College. "I've been definitely broadening the horizon rather than saying just 'Oh this is where I want to be this is what I want to do, I've been saying hey let me just try everything' and hopefully something with come up."

The companies best advice to giving a good impression, at job fairs was to dress in business attire, bring multiple copies of your résumé, be confident and ready to talk.

"Part of the job fair is when you're coming up and introducing yourself, that's how you're selling yourself and in business or in the economy that we're in now, selling is very important," said Sean Land.

The process works both ways, job fairs like Utica College's letting applicants get a sense for the companies too.

"Our company is a very fun company to work for so you're not going to get that from a webpage and get to know the people from the companies without going to a career fair like this," said Barbara Hughes of Assured Information Security.

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