Destito: This was a difficult decision


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - A very emotional Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito told a room full of people waiting to comment on the proposed 2011 state budget she will be stepping down, pending confirmation, from the state legislature to become the Commissioner of the Office of General Services.

Destito was nominated by Governor Andrew Cuomo Thursday.

According to Destito, the two had several discussions about the move over the past week, and it took her that long to make the decision.

"It was a very tough decision," said Destito. "I want everyone to know it was a very, very tough decision."

"I am very pleased, I am very happy, but I am also sad I am giving up something I was also passionate about." Destito added.

The Office of General Services is also a passion of the Assemblywoman. As Chair of the Government Operations Committee, Destito worked closely with the office.

The agency manages state properties, oversees building new facilities, and oversees contracts of goods and services. Some of Destito's initial plans include sharing services to make government run more efficiently.

"I indicated to the Governor that I would not stop advocating for this region and upstate as a whole because I feel very strongly about the jobs and the economy." Destito said. "He said it is his part of the state also, so I think we will be a good team."

The nomination must be approved by the State Senate, a process that could take up to a few weeks. It is unclear whether or not she will vote on this year's budget.

Destito was first elected to the Assembly in 1992.

"I have mixed emotions, I want you to know I am very pleased I made the decision to do this but I also have mixed emotions because there are a lot of people I really care about in my district." Destito added.

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