DiSano's Creative Canvas in Frankfort lands major work

By WKTV News

FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - A small Herkimer County business just landed a contract with a major Australian company.

Specialty Products Group is an Australian company that makes and distributes "Breeze Barriers," something you may have seen outside of restaurants or along streets with advertising.

DiSano's Creative Canvas, a Frankfort-based company, has something the 100-year-old Australian Company doesn't have, but needs - a United State's mailing address.

Material is sent to DiSano's and the work is done locally when the orders come in.

"We were shipping our product from Australia to the United States and it was a 45 to 60 day lead time for the customer and people don't want to wait 45 to 60 days," said Dan Desimone of Specialty Products Group. "With DiSano's being in the U.S., we've cut the lead time to less than two weeks."

The Australian company does work for Subway, Coca-Cola and many major sports teams. They also are doing work with DiSano's for the 2012 Olympics in London.

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