Disparaging comments about Utica on Watertown Mayor's AM Radio show prompt Roefaro interview


UTICA / WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Mayor David Roefaro isn't happy after hearing a Watertown morning show disc jockey bash Utica last week during the Watertown mayor's A.M. radio show.

"Utica is a junk hole. Sorry for you Utica people," said morning show jock Johnny Spezzano as he began his story on the air.

Spezzano spoke of bad things he didn't see during a recent visit to Utica's Union Station, but that he said people had told him about.

"I had to go to the train station and they have hookers there," said Spezzano. When Watertown Mayor Jeff Graham, who hosts the show, asked how he knew that, Spezzano replied that it was what "everyone told him."

Utica Mayor David Roefaro says he is appalled by the radio personality's damaging comments, which were based solely on hearsay and rumor.

"We've got three beautiful places down there," Roefaro said. "At night time, we've never had a problem there. It's our emerging area and how he could say that is beyond me....he was there and the things that he talked about were things he never even witnessed, so I don't know how he could say those things."

Watertown's mayor wasn't any happier than Roefaro.

"Certainly I regret the remarks Mr. Spezzano made on the air, and it certainly doesn't reflect my feelings," Watertown Mayor Jeff Graham said. "Utica is a great place. I've enjoyed my visits there."

Radio Station officials have contacted Mayor Roefaro, apologizing and inviting him to appear on the radio show. He plans to do that on Monday, but isn't sure whether he'll make the drive to Watertown or do it by remote from Utica City Hall.

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