Distillery makes first batch at former Metro building on Varick Street

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) - The Adirondack Distilling Company is making vodka with local products right here in the Mohawk Valley.

The company's microdistillery is located in the former Metro building on Varick Street.

A few months ago, three local men bought a vacant building downtown and poured hundreds and thousands of dollars into repairs, upgrades, and equipment.

"We did a lot of research, took a few classes, visited some distilleries and what started out as an idea two years ago is very close to completion," said Jordan Karp, Distiller at Adirondack Distilling Company.

While a majority of the vodka on the market uses wheat as their main ingredient, the Adirondack Distilling Company is using local corn, making their product gluten free and good for the local economy.

"Our vodka will go from farm to bottle in two weeks," said Karp. "We hope our sales will help local farmers as well and again the money that people spend here stays here."

"We know what we are getting, we know where it is coming from, we know the farmers who are supplying us," said Bruce Elwell Co-founer. "When they know where it is going they take a little more pride in where it going so all in all it's a better product."

The company is also using Herkimer Diamond to distill and purify the alcohol.

The locally produced vodka will be available in liquor stores, restaurants, and bars beginning in Fall 2012 or visitors can stop into the microdistillery on Varick Street.

"Take a tour, have a small taste, and learn about the product and you can buy a bottle right here," said Karp. "This is not a bar. You cannot order a vodka tonic."

The company also has plans to expand to produce gin and bourbon in the future.

"The money people spend here stays here and that has a huge multiplier effect," said Karp. "As we grow we will hire more local vendors and local employees."

If you want to get your hands on one of the bottles from the company's very first batch or learn more about the product, visit

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