Doctor visits Utica to lead bath salts information workshop

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - It was a full house Thursday at the Radisson Hotel for the start of a two-day workshop. Bath salts usage was the focus of most of the day.

The Center for Family Life and Recovery brought in a drug specialist who travels the state to give insight on 35 different drugs. That specialist is Dr. Ellen Vachon, the founder of the Southern Tier of New York Methamphetamine Prevention Program.

She explained what the two drugs have to do with each other. Vachon says the two active ingredients in bath salts are "meth-like" chemicals. She believes Central New York users tried to stay "legal" but get the same high and that's why they chose bath salts over meth.

Bath salts are now outlawed on a state and federal level.

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