Domestic Disputes: help is available


Officials want to remind that help is available in domestic
Friday's murder-suicide in Deerfield is a local reminder of a larger problem across the country - increasing numbers of domestic disputes turning deadly.

According to New York State Police, 27-year-old Thomas Anderson shot his former girlfriend, 23-year-old Kylie Turczyn, before turning the gun on himself after ongoing arguments over their relationship and their 4-year-old daughter. Turczyn later died form her injuries at St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

This is not the first time police had been called to their home over a dispute.

According to Mike Buckley, the executive director at the Good News Center located in Utica, relationships often go south when emotions flare and there is a lack of open communication.

"I think people have difficulty dealing with their emotions," said Buckley. "They don't know what to do to get the results they are looking for. Sometimes they make poor choices and depression, anger, not knowing how to fight fairly, let's say, get in the way of making good decisions."

The Good News Center in Utica offers a free counseling program to improve communication and help couples work through any issues they may face. More information can be found at>

However, if a relationship currently is or could become violent, the key is to seek help now, before things escalate.

Catholic Charities and the YWCA are just a few of the local organizations ready to help.

1000 Cornelia Street
(315) 797-7740

Catholic Charities
61 West Street
Ilion, N.Y. 13350

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