Donate Life Garden honors those who give the gift of life


There is a new garden outside the Allen-Calder wing at St. Luke's Hospital in Utica.

It is called The Donate Life Garden and honors those people from Utica who gave the gift of life by donating an organ.

The garden was the idea of John Weakly, the greeter who you see as you first enter St. Luke's. Weakly is also a heart transplant recipient who worked with the Center for Donation and Transplants to come up with the display.

"We actually have seen polls that support the theory that 90% of people think that donation is a great idea, but only about 30% know how to register themselves as a donor," said Lauren Quinn, the Director of Hospital and Community Service. "So really, the onus is on us as healthcare professionals to educate the community and let them know how to they can do that."

You can register to become a donor by going to the New York State DMV website and click on the donate life registry or you can go to the Center for Donation and Transplant's site.

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