Donna Donovan retiring after 40 years in the news business

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - In 1981, Donna Donovan began working at the Utica Observer-Dispatch. On Friday, after 33 years, 40 total in the business,  she will retire.
During her time as its publisher, she became part of the community not only overseeing the paper, but also by getting involved in local events and causes.
Donovan on Wednesday reflected upon her time at the paper's helm in an office still full of mementos from her 40-year career in print news.
"I purposefully did this because I've watched too many people leave and they give their notice and they start stripping their office and it tells everybody 'I've written you off' and I wasn't going to to that. One of the things I told everybody is you tell the true caliber of a person not by how they start a job, but how they close it out," said Donovan.
"I've had 40 years of doing what i always dreamed of doing and what a wonderful way to end it, to say, you know, 40 years," Donovan said. "I've had a blast, and now it's somebody else's chance"
Donovan has stated that her age, and wanting to spend more time with her family were the main reasons behind her decision to retire. She will introduce the interim publisher, a friend and former colleague of hers, on Friday, then reveal her identity to the entire community immediately following. She estimates it will take two to four weeks to hire a publisher.

We at NEWSChannel 2 would like to congratulate Donna Donovan on all of her success, thank her for her service and wish her luck in whatever challenges await her!


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