Don't be scared to hit the gym in the new year

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - With the new year just days away, many Americans are thinking about what their new year's resolutions are.

The one usually at the top of everyone's list -- getting fit.

At gyms across America, those working out are those who pretty much do it on a regular basis. That is, until the new year comes.

"Yes, our numbers increase immediately after the holidays, absolutely," said Michelle Fields, a fitness instructor at Powerhouse Gym.

The fitness trainers at Powerhouse Gym in Utica say each year, everyone seems to want to make this year the year their new year's resolution to get fit is finally achieved.

"They look like a deer in the headlights at first," said Teri Nelson, a fitness instructor at Powerhouse Gym.

Even fitness instructors say gyms are intimidating to people who have never been to one before. And that keeps them away, especially when it comes to group classes, which really can be very beneficial for newbies.

"It takes about three classes to kind of get used to it," said Shelley Spatto, fitness instructor at Powerhouse Gym. "And then we see, once people start to hit that three-, four-class mark, they really start to keep coming back for more."

And if you're worried about people watching you, trainers say don't be.

"They always think people look at them in the classes," said Fields. "Even other members are helpful to newer members."

And for those on the fence about starting in the first place...

"The fact is, it takes about six weeks to form a habit," said Nelson. "So once you do it, make those connections at the gym, it just feels really good."


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