Dozens take up opportunity to see Venus Transit


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Dozens of stargazers filled New Hartford's Sherrill Brook Park Tuesday to witness Venus pass in front of the sun. The next time the Venus Transit will take place is 2117.

"I mean we see pictures from Hubble and all over in space, but there's something more innate, something more personal when you put your eye to the eye piece and actually see it for real," says Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society's Observing Coordinator Faith Thompson.

From high tech to low tech, members of the Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society set up telescopes at Sherrill Brook Park to let the public see the rare event.

"This is an alignment that doesn't occur that often and to actually envision the choreography of nature when it brings venus in between exactly the sun and the earth," says Thompson.

The event brought the young and old out eager to take a look.

"I thought it was amazing that you could actually see through these telescopes that Venus was traveling over the sun," says 11 year-old John Giaccio.

Thompson says astronomers use the same transit method of planets dimming the light of stars to discover other planets around stars just like the sun.

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