Dry summer leads to early turn of leaves


OLD FORGE, N.Y. (WKTV) - It is not even the end of the summer season, but the leaves are already changing colors in Old Forge.

Instead of seeing just green in the landscape, tourists will also notice shades of red and yellow too.

Experts are saying this summer's hot and dry conditions will mean less colorful foliage that will peak earlier in the season.

How will this impact areas such as Old Forge, which depend on business from tourists traveling from all over the country looking to experience the vibrant colors of fall?

"They come up, they see some color starting early and they think it still feels like summer, but now we have a preview that reminds them to come back in September and October and get that full blast," said Mike Farmer, Tourism Director for the Town of Webb.

Farmer said that in the past, experts had also predicted that the leaves will peak early.

"If we think that it is starting a little early and it might be over a little early and we get thinking that and planning that, it all works out the same," said Farmer. "The season is the same."

Farmer is predicting the fall foliage season will last through October.

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