Drying out in Cold Brook after the storm


COLD BROOK, N.Y. (WKTV) - Widespread storms have left residents of Cold Brook literally picking up the pieces after two consecutive days of severe weather.

It is not every day that cleaning up means trying to get your washing machine back where it belongs...inside.

However, on Main Street in Cold Brook, that's just one of the many surprises residents woke up to Thursday morning.

Lawn mowers in the street, newly formed rushing streams on residents' properties, and damage sustained along a usually smooth morning commute are now commonplace stories.

Daniel Dillion literally had the road pulled out from under him in Poland as he traveled to work.

"All of a sudden my truck dropped," said Dillion.

Rushing water eroded the black top to the point where it disintegrated, taking down a vehicle with it.

Cold Brook resident Matt Baker started his day by finding out the only power he had was his own manpower. Baker says there is nothing that he can really do but start "cleaning out the grates."

Across Herkimer County, neighbors are banding together, finding that no matter how much damage has been done, many hands make light work in times like these.

Residents say they definitely didn't win this battle against mother nature, but they are ready to clean up, and dry out from this mess.

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