East and West Uticans protest Stewart's at city council meeting


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Protesters showed up to Utica's Common Council Meeting, Wednesday evening, with strong opinions about potentially bringing a Stewart's Shop to East Utica.

The protests were held outside and inside of Utica City Hall. More than 30 East and West Uticans marched around with signs expressing where they hope the facility will go.
Angela Mescall, a concerned Utica resident said she wants a Stewart's Shop to come to Utica, but specifically to west Utica . She also attended the meeting in hopes to getting council members to acknowledge the amount of zoning changes that would have to happen, if a Stewart's were to move onto the east side.
"The way this zoning law has been written is to preserve and enhance residential neighborhoods," Mescall said. "So the fact that Stewart's wants to take a site thats currently zoned half residential and half neighborhood commercial, I don't understand how city officials are attempting to overlay this auto zone by taking half residential property."
Those who protested hope for a Stewart's in west Utica to strengthen economic development. They believe where Stewart's hopes to locate in east Utica is residential and should be protected and preserved. 
Councilman Marino says the decision will be made in early June.
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