Emergency workers test skills at Hamilton College drill

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - There have been 74 school shootings in the past year and a half, so on Wednesday, local emergency responders were put to the test.

About 150 emergency workers responded to Hamilton College for a very realistic drill. The scenario involved hostages and gunfire, and 40 actors played the roles of victims, witnesses and hostages.

Sheriff's deputies, local police, fire and medical personnel and campus police all had to work together to end the situation safely.

"Putting it into actual practice shows us what we need to improve upon, things that need better training," said Steve Dziura, chief of EMS operations for Central Oneida County Ambulance. "and it also builds better relationships between the people involved in all of our exercises.

The exercise is changed from year to year, and responders don't know the situation until they arrive on scene.

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