Accused bank robber's emotions run high in court


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - One of the suspects in the NBT bank robbery in Rome says he doesn't trust his lawyer and wants a new one.

Brian Brown was expected to give an answer to a plea deal in Oneida County Court Monday. The deal was 30 years to life in prison in exchange for a guilty plea. Brown is facing robbery and attempted aggravated murder charges in connection with the robbery of the NBT bank in Rome in July. He's also accused of shooting an Oneida County sheriff deputy.

But Brown wasn't prepared to give his answer and asked the court for one more day. When the judge asked why, Brown told him he doesn't think his lawyer, Ed Kaminski, is acting in his best interest and would like to get a new counsel.

"Look, he told me if the bullet don't match, they're gonna make it match. What type of lawyer is that?" Brown said.

Kaminski told the judge that he did not say that to his client. But Brown claimed his lawyer is lying. "He's not telling the truth so he can't be trusted," Brown said.

The judge asked Brown if he wanted to accept the plea deal, in which he replied, "I'm not accepting no offer man, what the f--- you talking about?"

The judge marked the decision as rejected and Brown was quickly taken away by guards. Kaminski says he has never seen his client act like this and believes his behavior was purely emotional.

"Today is the day he comes to court to make a decision about what's going to happen to him for the rest of his life or a good chunk of it," Kaminski said.

Kaminski wouldn't say if Brian's request for more time is connected to his cousin, Ikiko Brown. Ikiko is charged with robbery in this case and is expected to make a decision on a plea deal Wednesday. Kaminski said while the two are wondering what the other is going to do, he wouldn't say if that was the reason for Brian asking for more time.

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