End of the world turns into a celebration locally


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The end of the world story has made headlines worldwide. In Taiwan, crowds gathered at a doomsday clock in the shape of a Mayan Temple waiting for the end to come.

Friday was the last recorded day on the Mayan calendar, and to many, that meant the end of the world.

In the City of Utica, there are people attending an Apocalypse Film Festival at the Uptown Theatre. Eight movies dealing with the end of the world are being played Friday with the first film started at 11 am.

Across the street, " The Other Side" is also playing a different set of eight movies related to the end of the world.

Admission for the movies $5, and that covers all of those movies.

Here's the evening's lineup:

Screen A at Uptown Theatre:

" The Road Warrior" 6 pm
" Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" 7:45 pm.
" Book of Eli" 9:35 pm
" Apocalypto" 11:45 pm

Screen B at The Other Side:

" Terminator: Judgment Day" 5:55 pm
" Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome" 8 pm
" When the Wind Blows" 10:00 pm
" The Road" 11:30 pm

Also, several bars are hosting " End of the World" parties.

Nail creek started lunch specials at 12:21 on 12/21.

One of the drink specials " La fin du monde" means the end of the world.

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