Erin Hamlin named ambassador for Citi Olympic donation campaign


(WKTV) - With the Olympics just 99 days away, Citi announced that they are donating $500,000 to the U.S. Olympic Committee in order to benefit the future of Team USA, Wednesday.

Among the announcement, it was also announced that USA Luger and Remsen native, Erin Hamlin, has been named an ambassador for the campaign in order to help collect further donations for the cause.

The "Every Step of the Way" program is aimed to benefit athletes trying to become a part of the future Olympic and Paralympic competitions for the United States.

Hamlin will have a crucial role in the campaign, as she will be one of 9 ambassadors to choose what sports the donations will be allocated to next year.

During a promotion for the "Slider Search" program, Hamlin, a 2-time Olympian, explained that most Olympic athletes are not also professional athletes, and that donations can help to make dreams come true for competitors who make it there goal to compete for their country on the international stage.

"It helps bring attention, the world's attention to things we are so passionate about," said Hamlin. "To know we have that support and future generations of athletes will have that support, it means a lot. It will keep my sport going."

Hamlin, who hopes to be named to her third Olympic team in December, asked for people to log online and tell Citi to pick Luge as their sport of donation.

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