Estranged wife of correction officer speaks out

(WKTV) - The state correction officer accused of beating his estranged wife, posting bail after his arrest and attacking her again was in court Monday.

Also in court: Craig Lockwood's estranged wife, as the court granted an order of protection, prohibiting Lockwood from reaching out to her in any way.

Savannah Loce-Lockwood was pacing and quite nervous in court Monday, worried that Lockwood would be set free on bail or allowed to visit their 1-year-old son.

Lockwood was first accused of attacking her in November. While those charges were pending, he allegedly attacked her again last week, and then a third time after posting bail on Thursday. Lockwood's estranged wife says the two just got married in August.

"He ended up pushing her (a friend) out of the way, got to me, ended up pinning me on the ground, punching me in the face multiple times," said Loce-Lockwood. "I think the baby knew who it was. He kept screaming 'Dada."

Lockwood's attorney George Massoud said Monday after court he is very confident and he and his client will prove that Lockwood didn't commit any of these crimes.

Lockwood is scheduled to be in Rome City Court on Feb. 3 for a felony hearing, which involve witness testimony. Those hearings help the judge determine whether or not to hold the case over for grand jury action and possible indictment.




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