Excitement, anxiety of college move-in

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Anxiety occurs for both students and parents during college move-in weekend.

As freshmen moved into their dorm rooms at Utica College Friday morning, they had a lot of help from upperclassmen who volunteered their labor to help carry all of the new student's stuff from their parent's vehicles to their rooms.

The help was a welcome surprise for Lasone Kump, who had just made the five hour trip up from Long Island to help her son move in to South Hall.

"This is incredible," Kump said. "This whole operation, they're so efficient, and the students helping, this is incredible, I mean incredible. I was really pretty surprised by that."

Kump admits it a bitter-sweet day for her and her husband who have raised their son to eventually go to college, but now she knows life is going to be a lot different.

"It's extremely exciting," Kump said. "It make me reminisce about my college days, so I'm like psyched for him."

Dr. Michael Stalteri, a psychologist in Herkimer says move-in weekend is tough for all involved, parents and students.

Stalteri says, on the outside, kids can appear strong regarding the separation from their parents, and that many even talk tough.

"I know I have a place to go to once I need it, but as of right now, give me some space cause I'm ready for the big leagues," said Stalteri of the thought process in a teen leaving the nest.

However, Stalteri says that on the inside, all kids have some fear about not having their parents close by.

"Any kid can put the best game face on, but they're still scared, they're still nervous, they're still kids," he said.

But in the end Stalteri says having some level of fear is good.

"It's good fear," he said. "It's good excitement, it's good anxiety. It's stuff that gets the heart pumping in the right direction that motivates these kids to excel and succeed."

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