Expansion project gets underway at Howe Caverns

By WKTV News

SCHOHARIE COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - An expansion project at one of the area's tourist destinations is promising fun year-round.

Howe Caverns in Schoharie County is under construction. It's not the caves themselves that are seeing the a renovation, but above ground.

Roughly 160,000 people visit Howe Caverns each year and officials at the attraction wanted to make sure that when people visit, they have a whole day's worth of fun. That fun will include the addition of gemstone mining in an enclosed building.

"The gems building is a 6,000 square foot facility that will house the gemstone mining, which has historically taken place by the entrance of the building," said John Lemery of Howe Caverns Development. "We are trying to get it into a year-round environment where the kids can come in the winter and not be exposed to the elements."

A ropes course is also being built and should be complete before the summer, with 46 new jobs to be added to Howe Caverns when the expansion is complete.

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