Extended wintry weather causes delay in local farming


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - You might have noticed driving around central New York that many corn fields look more like mud bogs.
"Between cold temperatures and wet soils, farmers just haven't been able to get out to their fields," says Cornell Cooperative Extension Educator Jeff Miller.
While the saturated soil presents a challenge for farmers, particularly when it comes to getting heavy equipment onto the fields, it's the cold that has the potential to hurt or delay local crops.
"Right now I'm estimating 10 days behind a normal year," says Miller.
"So it has an effect on their whole rotation, what crops they're going to plant, how much they're going to have for inventory to feed their animals. There's a big trickle down're just going to see less offerings available initially."
At Candella's Greenhouse and Farm in Marcy, the cold just put them a little behind.
"It's not bad, we're just about a week, week and a half behind a little bit. Not too bad"

Michael Candella says so far, the berry crops are looking good, but an extended cold snap has the potential to change that.  

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