Family and friends honor life of 16-year-old accident victim


HOLLAND PATENT, N.Y. (WKTV) - It was last Tuesday that a car crash claimed the life of a local teen on the way to Holland Patent school with his brother.

On Monday, 16-year-old Anusha Yagey's family welcomed the community to St. Leo's Church in Holland Patent to celebrate the life of the young man who was always laughing.

St. Leo's church in Holland Patent was filled with red and other festive colors as those inside, in spite of their heavy hearts, remembered 16-year old Anusha Yagey with an occasional chuckle beneath a tear or two. From the parish priest, a reminder that the tears are more for them.

"But our faith teaches us that Anusha has stepped into eternity and so in reality we don't mourn for him, we mourn for ourselves," said Fr. Robert Weber, Celebrant.

Also, a reminder that no one or nothing can really take their beloved son, brother, and friend from them.

"We can live for Nush, we can live for him and with him because we carry him in our heart today even though our hearts are sad and our hearts are heavy, we carry him deep in there," said Weber.

The priest shared the altar with those who best knew the teen who came from a Thai orphanage at age 7 wearing just the clothes his new family gave him.

An aunt recalls Anusha telling her he was grateful for food.

"He says well you know I get to walk up to a table and I get to pick whatever I want to eat and I can take as much or as little as I want, said Susan Roback, Aunt. "He said and then I can go put in on the table and I can go use the bathroom and I can come back and know that my food is still there."

From a cousin, a poem, followed by an inside joke.

"I won't say goodbye because I know you're still around," said Aryell Chandler, Cousin. "Take care up there my little angel, God will keep you safe and sound."

Off from school this week, the kids in the room have learned volumes in the past six days since a horrible accident took the life of their friend. Lessons about love, faith, and the frailty of life.

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