Family of fallen soldier glad to see an end to combat in Iraq


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The family of Army Captain George Wood, of Marcy, says they are "glad" to hear that there is an end to America's combat mission in Iraq.

The announcement by President Obama Tuesday night comes seven and half years after the mission started and seven years after Wood was killed.

Michael and Maria Babula, George Wood's parents, say they are relieved for other military families after listening to the President's speech.

Maria Babula says she doesn't know if she could take the news that one more service member was killed in action. Her husband, Michael Babula, says the time is now bring the troops home.

"Once the first bomb was dropped, the first shot was fired, our main concern should be all the troops over there come home safe and sound," said Michael Babula. "Whether you like the war, whether you didn't like the war, whether you like Obama, whether you don't like Obama, whether you like Bush, whether you didn't like Bush, that shouldn't even come into play."

"Whether you're Democrat, Conservative, none of that should come into play," Michael Babula continued to say. "What should come into play is - you back our troops one thousand percent and pray everyday that they come home safe and sound. "

Babula's son, Army Captain George Wood was 33 years-old when he was killed by a road side bomb in Iraq in 2003. The Babulas say they are glad the U.S. has accomplished what they set out to in Iraq, and they are thankful for that because they did not lose their son in vain.

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