Family seeks public's assistance in finding missing medallion taken from fallen marine's grave


ONEIDA CASTLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The family of fallen hero, Lance Corporal Jeremy Lasher are requesting the public's help, after they say a sentimental medallion was stolen from the marine's grave at the Oneida Castle Cemetery around Memorial Day. 

According to Vicky Arnold, Cpl. Jeremy Lasher's mother, she went to the cemetery on Monday, May 26 around 5 p.m. and the medallion/coin was still present. When she returned on Tuesday night to check on a solar light, the coin was missing. 
The medallion was placed on Lasher's headstone three years ago, by Kyle Castle, a friend and former marine who fought alongside Jeremy and was there when he died. 
According to Arnold, Castle chose to place that medallion on Lasher's grave after he received it for his his bravery trying to save another another marine.
Arnold feels like she let her family down.
"I feel horrible, I'm the one who watches over the grave," Arnold said. "Who takes care of it, all of the kids are out of state and I'm the caretaker."
The medallion has no monetary value and is simply a sentimental object. Arnold says recently the medallion was even secured with double sided tape, to keep it in place in case of bad weather or to prevent people from trying to pick it up.
Arnold hopes someone will come forward and return the item to where it belongs.
"If anyone wants to leave it somewhere, at the police station," Arnold said. "Leave it at a local store and say you found this on the floor. If you're a parent who had your child here, ask your child if they saw it." 
Cpl. Jeremy Lasher was killed in Afghanistan in 2009 by an IED. 
During August of 2013, a portion of route 365A in Oneida was named Lance Cpl. Jeremy Lasher Memorial Highway. 

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