Saturday, December 20, 2014

Family trying to get Jack the dog moved from Humane Society to Animal Hospital

In late March, a dog named Jack bit his owner's two year old granddaughter in the face.

The family thinks she might have startled the animal but they are not sure. Grandmother Natalie Beratta says the child is recovering and showing no fear of dogs.

However, New Hartford Town Court Judge James Van Slyke has sentenced the dog to death and the owners are fighting to keep Jack alive and send him to another home, which they think is more responsible than bringing him back to theirs.

The family is currently appealing the judge's ruling, so Jack's death sentence is on hold for now.

The more pressing issue currently is that the family is trying to have Jack moved from the Stevens Swan Humane Society, which contracts with counties and municipalities to shelter dangerous animals during court cases, to a private animal hospital, where he'd have more mobility.

"He's been in that cage since March 27," Natalie Beratta said. "He's in there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He has not moved. The only times he's moved is from one side of the cage to the other side of the cage when they clean the cage otherwise he's in there 24/7"

There is lots of interest in this case, including a "Help Save Jack" Facebook Page set up two and a half weeks ago and has reached nearly 2,500 likes.