Fans celebrate and support CNY's favorite magical duo!


WASHINGTON MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Leon and Romy put up a good fight for the entire duration of America's Got Talent and on Wednesday night their local fans came out for round two of a viewer party.

Friends, family and complete strangers of Leon and Romy gathered at Tony's Sports Bar in Washington Mills. They were all there for the same purpose: to support Central New York's magical duo. They took their seats and ordered food and watched in anticipation for the final results.

Jack Michael, a 10 year old Leon Etienne fan said, "It's just amazing because I have been a fan of magic for my whole life...and I am so impressed with all his tricks."

Other fans came out including Leon's original magic assistant and his favorite magic partner, both who said they couldn't be more proud.

Nicole Miller, Leon's original magic assistant said, "We've come a long way when we were 14 we were performing to small crowds, doing a lot of different tricks. He's been doing this for many years and put a lot of hard work and dedication into his career."

Although Leon and Romy's act didn't make it to the finals, his fans believe he is going to be big in the magic world including Kim Hatzinger of New Hartford, " Leon and Romy...they are vegas! I said that forever I see them in vegas doing a show."

The duo will be on Jimmy Fallon Thursday, September 5th.

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