Fight For Proposed Fortification Legislation

By Allison Norlian

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi unveiled a 3-point plan in his proposed legislation issuing the homemade barricades criminals seem to be creating to deter police. Point one of the plan would make it a felony to fortify a home. Point two would give a district attorney the ability to intervene when a landlord turns a blind eye and point three is the barricades can be used as evidence.

One in four police investigations result in the encounter of a barricade meant to deter law enforcement from entering the drug house they are investigating. Ultimately, this puts the officer along with any passerby at serious risk. Brindisi wants to implement a law to stop drug lords from being able to hide behind their home made barriers.

Many officials agree with Brindisi's proposed new laws including District Attorney Scott McNamara. McNamara said that he has seen many crack houses specifically in the city of Utica that have utilized fortification. He explained that the little bit of extra time a barricade causes can put police officers in extreme danger.

Scott McNamara said, "What normally can be done in five to ten seconds... when it goes into three to five minutes...It's very dangerous because police don't know what the person inside is doing and they have to also be on high alert with their own this is a great legislation I sincerely hope it gets passed."

Currently this is only a proposed legislation and still has a ways to go.

If it were up to Brindisi, McNamara and Police Chief Mark Williams...the law would be implemented immediately.

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