Final numbers in for many Utica races


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - It took some after-hours tabulating, but officials at the Oneida County Board of Elections are now done counting absentee, emergency and affidavit ballots for the city of Utica and have released "unofficial", but final numbers for many Utica races.

City Comptroller Michael Cerminaro took the Republican primary for mayor, with 1,250 votes to opponent Robert Cardillo's 1,015.

Cardillo is asking State Supreme Court for a recount; his attorney, Paul Longeretta, has not yet returned our call inquiring about the status of that effort.

In the Democratic primary for council-at-large in the city, there were four candidates and three winners. They are Edward Bucciero, James Zecca and Frank Meola.

In the Democratic primary for 1st Ward Council, the winner was Frank Vescera, who had 203 votes to Alan Pelesic's 152.

In the Democratic primary for 2nd Ward Council, David Testa was the winner with 195 votes; Larry Tanoury, Jr. had 128.

In the 6th Ward Council Republican primary, political newcomer Samantha Colosimo defeated Philip Bruno, Jr., 371-329.

Election officials say this re-canvassing was more complicated than most, because of the special election for State Assembly.

"Sure it is. I mean, you're doing two elections at the same time so it's a little more complicated but you have districts that overlap so when you're working through it, you want to get all of Floyd done and all of Utica done," says Republican County Election Commissioner Pamela Mandryck.

With all ballots in the city of Utica counted, election officials have moved onto the city of Rome and all the county's towns and villages. Mandryck says workers will likely have to stay late, probably until around 6pm, for the rest of the week and may even log some hours over the weekend.

She's hoping the entire county will be re-canvassed by the end of the day Monday. The race results won't be considered 'official' until all the blank ballots are confirmed and the County Board of Elections certifies the race.

Having said that, Mandryck doesn't expect the numbers will change once that happens.

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