Fire crews band together to help ailing brother

By WKTV News

SCHUYLER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Fire crews often say when you become a firefighter, you enter a brotherhood. 
That connection was evident as brothers banded together to battle cancer with one of their own, Saturday. 
There was an overwhelming amount of support for Firefigther Anthony Paglario, a career paramedic who was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer back in February. 
Several fire companies came together to hold a fundraiser for him, to show their support during his time of need.
"The support from the community is amazing, the support for a guy that is nothing but a class act," said Schuyler Fire Chief Donald Kane. "I think people understand that there is a give and take and Anthony has given a lot.
"It is also unfortunately on the short end of the receiving stick and it's time for him to receive some support."

Paglario also has three young children who pitched in to help him fight the fight.  

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