Fire departments statewide will host recruitment events

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Fire departments across New York will be having open houses on Saturday and Sunday as they look to recruit new volunteer members.

Last year, nearly 600 departments in 59 counties across the state participated. Departments give tours of fire houses, allow visitors to try on gear and talk about volunteering.

"It's a program that's been growing and working very well," said Dave Jacobowitz, former FASNY president. "Approximately 10 years ago, we had about 130,000 firefighters. We're down to a 88,000 a couple of years ago. But we're glad to say we've obtained about 12,500, but the problem is we lose them somewhere else because of age and jobs.

Departments say they need volunteers because membership has fallen off in recent years.

To find a firehouse who is participating in an open house, click here.

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