Fire in Whitestown leads to unique rescue

By WKTV News

WHITESTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Firefighters had their hands full with a fire at a residence in Whitestown on Thursday.

At about 12:30 p.m., responders arrived on the scene of an apparent kitchen fire on Wood Dale Road, and a unique rescue ensued.

After putting out the fire, Yorkville firefighter Patrick Bradford, brought out an oxygen mask. However, it wasn't to administer to a human, but rather a dog.

Rosie, a Cocker Spaniel mix, seemed to be having trouble breathing after the pup was rescued from an upstairs bathroom by Whitesboro firefighter Carmen Ambrose. Bradford quickly assisted the ailing canine by providing much-needed oxygen on the scene.

Officials said that the fire may have resulted from the homeowner leaving something in the stove for too long, but an investigation is ongoing. The fire was contained quickly, but the house has suffered significant water damage as a result.

At this time, no further information has been provided about the blaze, but it does not appear that Rosie or anybody else involved is in danger of life-threatening injuries.

More information about the fire will be provided as it becomes available.



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