Firefighter recruits test their mettle with live-burn training

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Sixteen firefighter recruits are going through their final training at the Utica Fire Academy.

The live-burn training began Friday morning at the academy's training site on Leland Avenue, and will last for three days. The recruits are from eight different departments across the state. The training is the culmination of an intense 14-week training program.

Much of what the recruits learned in the classroom is now being tested in live situations.

"These guys had 14 weeks of training," said Deputy Chief Michael Wusik of the Utica Fire Department. "They are going to be nationally certified firefighters. This is the end of the Academy. The next three days, the live burns, they are putting everything that they have together and show what they learned."

The live-burn training continues Monday and Tuesday.

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