Firefighter who helped others during floods, now looking for help, with no answers


SAUQUOIT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Ray Williams, a Sauquoit Volunteer Firefighter, was helping residents pump out homes as his own flooded during the last two storms.

Now he is looking for help, and so far, has gotten no answers.

"The Red Cross was out here," says Ray Williams. "I had been talking to them on the phone since then and they just called me back and said at this time, there is nothing we can do for you. We lost everything downstairs, we had nothing and they just basically put their hands in their pocket."

The Sauquoit Creek runs through the front yard of the Williams' home. During the storms, the water level in the creek rises and floods their home. Furniture, flooring, toiletries, food, and computers were all destroyed.

It's been days since the last flood, and the Williams family is out of cash and out of hope.

"We lost all of our hygiene stuff, it was on the bottom of the bathroom," says Michelle Williams. "No toilet paper, no soap, my kids toothbrushes were even muddy, they didn't even offer us a roll of toilet paper."

We spoke with the Red Cross who says they only provide assistance while a disaster is happening. Recovery and rebuilding efforts is FEMA'S job.

Friends and family have donated old furniture and the Faith in Christ Fellowship has raised over $300 to help. Williams has also leaned on the firefighters he works with.

"If it wasn't for another fellow firefighter, my kids would not have even ate. He brought use food," says Ray Williams.

The frustration and economic strain is too hard for the Williams family to bear.

"We are moving. We are out of here," says Ray Williams. "I mean, my kids can't go through this again. I can, but they can't so we are just getting out."

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