Firefighters practice rescue techniques on ski chair lift

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Firefighters from the Utica Fire Department spent some time at the Val Bialis chair lift along the Parkway Thursday, refreshing their rescue skills, in case of an emergency.

Every year, someone volunteers to "get stuck" on the chair lift and be rescued. B back in 2003, the Val Bialas lift actually lost power.

One key element of Thursday's training exercise was doing it with snow on the ground.

"It's kinda' nice to be up here today with a little bit of snow, as you'd be surprised at the difference a little bit of snow and working on grass," said Utica Deputy Fire Chief Brendan Dunn. "It makes a big difference. It kind of simulates what we'd actually have to do."

Lift rescues require different tactics than what firefighters usually use when fighting fires.

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