Firefighters put out major fires at a training exercise

By WKTV News

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) -  An Annual training seminar took place at Griffiss International Airport giving Fire Departments from around the community received special training this past week.
The seminar is put on by the Griffiss Fire Department, and included two hours of classroom time, followed by two hours of live burn situations. 
The Department simulated everything from a cock-pit fire to a break fire, and even trained for a tractor-trailer rollover diesel fire situation.
The purpose of the training each year is to make sure all departments are prepared for any type of fire in case they happen to be the first responders to a scene.
"They are going to do still fire simulations, engine fire, break wheel assembly fire and search and rescue inside cabin, fire in cabin, smoke in cabin," said Chief Training Officer, Bill Southerland. "We show them shut down techniques, how to shut the throttles down, bottles and power and do everything in the right order."

The training was all computer generated so those watching can see what the fire fighters are actually doing to control the flames. 

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