Flag with great meaning presented to students at Benton Hall Academy


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - A flag celebration took place at Benton Academy in Little Falls on Thursday, where students heard from their Superintendent, the Mayor and Congressman Richard Hanna about the importance of the American flag and what it symbolizes.

There was a guest who also addressed the students, who brought a flag with him that has special meaning in his family.

Dan Casler's nephew has done three tours of duty in Iraq as an Army Medic and he brought home a flag that flew in Iraq on the ten year anniversary of September 11.

"When you see the flag flown, you can take great honor in knowing the great sacrifices that have been made," Casler said.

Casler says there are plans to actually fly the flag from Iraq in the future. The entire school sang "It's a grand Old Flag" and celebrated the beautiful day with popsicles.

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