Flash flooding damages homes, forces evacuations in Frankfort


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - A state of emergency was declared Sunday in the Village of Frankfort. Twenty homes on West Main Street were evacuated as a result of flash flooding.

"We are still in a State of Emergency. Our main concern is with the trees and debris that's still left on Route 171 finding it's way down Moyer Creek," said Frank Moracco, Mayor of the Village of Frankfort. "I am not going to lift the State of Emergency, until the storm has receded."

The mayor is also concerned about a 6 inch gas line that runs alongside of the bridge on West Main Street. He said it is possible that the line could ignite or burst from the force of the debris flowing down the river.

The Town of Frankfort was also hit hard by the storm. Richard Engelbrecht, who lives on Avery Road, describes the storm as "traumatizing". He was outside all night building a barrier around his home to divert some of the water off of his property. He estimates damages from the storm will cost him $4,000. "The whole garage was flooded. The water came onto my carpeting in the den and the playroom. The carpet has got to be all ripped out now," said Engelbrecht.

Besides damaging homes, the storm has also caused a mess for travelers. Be sure to avoid West Main Street because it is still closed. Areas of 171 are also closed. Traffic is being diverted to Furnace Road.

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