Flood victims of Herkimer County worried over latest winter weather


(WKTV) - The sight of heavy rain and heavy equipment in Herkimer County was troubling for those who remember the devastating floods of last summer.
"I live just down the street and I still don't lower my shades all the way to the bottom, so it's a throw back to what happened back in June," said George Neverusky, as he watched crews use heavy equipment to take ice out of Bellinger Brook near Church Street in Herkimer.
Rain wasn't the problem Friday in Mohawk and Herkimer. The enemy  heading into the weekend... was ice.
"The creek bed is a lot deeper than it has been in the past 15 years or better so water we can handle, it's ice if it gets bottle necked underneath one of these bridges here on down on 5S. Then it starts backing up, then it's going to find its lowest point and go over the walls and start flooding," said Mohawk Supervising DPW Foreman Kevin Wheelock. 
DPW crews used heavy equipment and even shovels to take ice out of creeks and brooks in Herkimer and Mohawk and keep catch basins clear. 
"We've been doing snow removal throughout the village in our problem areas so if we have to we can get pieces of equipment in here an excavator, something like that, if we get an ice jam," said Wheelock. 

Wheelock said, so far, Fulmer Creek is flowing, so he's hoping the aggressive effort to keep the ice out of the creek will pay off. He says police will be checking it around the clock for the next several hours.  

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