Flood waters force Laurens residents out of their homes


LAURENS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Heavy rains throughout Wednesday forced many Otsego County residents to evacuate their now flooded homes.

"Everything's gone," said Liz Thomson as she arrived at the Laurens Fire Station. "I grabbed my cats and my dog, a little bit of groceries back at the house.

Thomson was at the fire station because they did not yet have overnight accommodations.

"If I can get to my daughter's house, we'll be alright," she said.

As the first county to issue a state of emergency on Wednesday, many Otsego County roads were closed, officials warning residents to stay off the roads.

The damages reminded many in the Laurens community of the flood of 2006.

"I've been through '06 too, and I live at that house down there, my basement is almost full," says John Wyckoff. "I gutted my house once and if I have to, I'll gut it again."

"We're the poorest community in Otsego county," says Village of Laurens Mayor Bob Zach. "To have something like this happen is just mind numbing."

"I've seen this on T.V. before and I always think, 'those poor people thank God I don't have to worry about that' and now, it's shocking," says Thomson.

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