Florence Fire Company receives large donation

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Florence Fire Company received the largest donation in their history Thursday.

Lucille Wilson owns a farm in Florence and entered to win $2,500 from America's Farmers Grow Communities, an organization that works with farmers to support nonprofit organizations.

Wilson's name was picked in a drawing, and she chose to donate the money to the Florence Volunteer Fire Department. They're going to use the money to buy a thermal-imaging camera.

"We're probably the last department in Oneida County without a thermal-imaging camera," said Thomas Brown, president of the Florence Fire Company. "So it's gong to be a tremendous improvement in our ability to not only fight fire effectively, it allows you to find hot spots. It also will go a long way to make search and rescue a lot easier."

The money was provided to America's Farmers Grow Communities by the Monsanto Fund.

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