Following gay marriage legalization, Little Falls couple gets engaged

LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Just as gay and lesbian people across New York State have been celebrating since Friday night, so are many in the local area.

One Little Falls couple celebrated the morning after the historic vote by getting engaged. David Taylor and Richard Vogt of Little Falls have been together for 17 years, but have now taken the next step to getting married.

The couple owns the Stone Mill in Little Falls and Vogt proposed to Taylor on the roof of that historic building Saturday morning.

Vogt says he got Taylor up to the roof to show him the work he had recently done on the rooftop door, and wanted to propose immediately. He said, "I just thought it was appropriate, I've waited long enough to propose to David and we could have done it in another state and we wanted to do it here, and I had to find a place and what better place than the roof of our building here, overlooking the whole city of Little Falls, so in front of the whole city of Little Falls I proposed."

When it comes to heterosexual couples, the man usually asks the woman, but in this case Vogt says, "I thought he was going to beat me to the gun, but I wanted to be the one, I'm the elder one."

The couple plans to wed at Little Falls' City Hall on September 24th, the anniversary of the day they met 17 years ago.

Four Republican senators said Friday night that they knew it was the right thing to do, and voted yes for gay marriage. Taylor says he believes gays and lesbians from around the state will do whatever they can to help get those four re-elected.

When it comes to those senators that voted no, as well as the Assembly members who voted no, Taylor and Vogt both say they are done with them. The said, "It's about time somebody thought for themselves and just did it, because times have changed. I was on the phone with Seward's office and Butler's office last week and I'll never support them again, I'll say that."

Senators Joseph Griffo and James Seward would not comment on the issue on Saturday. Griffo said he will make a statement on Monday.

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