Food Bank of CNY picks up 28,000 pounds of food from local farm


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Rome family had a huge bumper crop of hearty, fall vegetables and the Wagner family of Wagner Farms & Greenhouses has decided to share the wealth with around 20,000 local families.

Wagner Farms donated 28,000 pounds of food do the Food Bank of Central New York. The benefit of donating $15,000 worth of profit, in addition to feeding local families who need the food, is the hope that the generous act will propel others into action to make an even bigger dent in local hunger.

"I'd hope that other farms around the area and other businesses around the area would follow suit and donate. That's the biggest thing. I hope other people do donate to the cause," says owner/operator Ron Wagner.

Food bank officials say they've been partnering with agriculture for some time now, and that the families they serve have been the recipients of Wagner Farms' generosity in the past.

The Wagners were able to donate so much of their fall crop because a hot, dry summer makes for a huge bumper crop.

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