Forgotten Friends Animal Rescue offering a second chance for abused and neglected animals


SHARON SPRINGS, N.Y. (WKTV) - She's been rescuing animals for more than 30 years.

A decade ago, she became a not for profit.

Now, a person who devotes her life to helping neglected and abused animals, needs your help.

Each of the animals have their own story, a story with a heart wrenching beginning and a heart warming ending, all thanks to Forgotten Friends Pet Rescue in Sharon Springs, which offers a fresh start and a new home for abused and neglected animals.

"You kind of make yourself aware that they need you for that second chance," said Joyce Urban, the president of Forgotten Friends Pet Rescue.

They have dogs, cats, horses, a duck, a pig, donkeys, birds, all of them rescued. Some of the animals are special needs animals. Urban says they take in the ones that no one wants, the ones waiting, unknowingly, who would otherwise, soon be euthanized if not for the intervention of Forgotten Friends.

Taking in and helping these animals, she says, isn't a cheap or easy task either.

"We don't ever have enough volunteers. We don't have supplies, we need new fencing, we need a new barn, which was damaged by the storms last year. We don't know how long the barn will stay standing."

Urban says it's all worth it in the end.

"It's like the best Christmas present when you're a kid. You're like "yes!" "look at her! she can wag her tail today!" it makes your heart feel good. It really does. It's the best feeling in the world because you know they're taking that first step back."

And, Urban says, it's something she can't imagine her life without.

"I can't imagine being without them. So, pretty much the world."

If you'd like to help Forgotten Friends Animal Rescue, you can contact them either on Facebook or via Petfinder.

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