Former Frankfort Police Officer says he's not guilty of illegally obtaining phone records of fellow officer


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Village of Frankfort Police Department came under intense media scrutiny during former Police Chief Steve Conley's tenure, and now, some of what really went on in the department during his reign may come out in court.

Conley retired at the end of August 2010, after he became the subject of three separate complaints that he assaulted people. One of those complaints came from one of his own officers at the time - Samuel Ameduri.

In the official notice of claim that Conley assaulted him, Ameduri says Conley asked him to change his sworn testimony regarding the court case of Harold Griffin - a man who claimed Conley held him back while Frankfort Mayor Frank Morocco beat him up and assaulted him back in June 2008.

The notice of claim also states that Chief Conley asked Ameduri to change his testimony on further issues regarding the an incident with Chief Conley and Herkimer County Coroner Daniel Enea in December 2009, where Enea said Conley threatened him and got in the way of a crime scene investigation.

According to the claim, when Ameduri refused to change his testimony, he says he was grabbed by the throat and thrown against the trunk of his car by Conley in February 2010.

That brings us to the present, where former Frankfort Officer Daniel Herrman appeared in Herkimer County Court to answer charges against him of forgery and official misconduct.

Herkimer County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Carpenter says Herrman filled out two separate emergency information requests back in March 2010 and sent them to Verizon Wireless to obtain the phone records of a fellow officer, when there was no emergency.

Herrman's attorney, Michael Daley told WKTV after court on Monday that his client did request Officer Ameduri's cell phone records as part of the investigation into the alleged altercation between former police chief Conley and Ameduri, and that the requests for the cell phone information were valid legal requests and that the details of what went on will come out during trial.

Herrman is due back in court on January 19.

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