Former Holland Patent bus driver back in court

By WKTV News

TOWN OF OHIO (WKTV) - Another court appearance for a former bus driver accused of sexual abuse.

Michael Newland Sr. was arraigned last week on Third Degree Sexual Abuse and Endangering the Welfare of a Child charges. Newland Sr. pleaded not guilty to those charges last week. Newland Sr. was back in the Town of Ohio Court Tuesday evening for motions.

Investigators say back in 2009, Newland Sr. asked a Holland Patent student who rode his bus, to come to his home on several occasions.

Meanwhile, his son, Michael Newland Jr. faces rape charges. Newland Sr. is also facing charges in that case. Police say Newland Sr. organized a meeting between his adult son and a teenage girl while he was a bus driver at Holland Patent Central School this past October. Both father and son are expected in court to face those charges on December 7th.

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